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"Rak", website avatar for WildernessFolk.com
Hello, folks call me Rak (pronounced Rack). Look for my survival tips throughout the site. When you hover over my image you can read my thoughts. When you click on my image at the bottom of any page, I will bring you back here.

Basic Survival Skills

The most important thing in any survival situation is your mind.  Knowing basic survival skills will boost your confidence should you find yourself up a creek without the proverbial paddle, leaving you to rely on your own resources for survival.  We offer information, tips, and instructional videos for wilderness survival.  We also provide access to the gear you may need to assemble or complete your survival kit (plus a few extras for your comfort)..

 Latest Additions to our Website:
  • Wilderness Survival for Seniors:  Listen up Seniors . . . Don't let your age stop you from learning and practicing wilderness survival skills.
  • Winter Survival:  Cold, wet weather survival brings on a whole set of very specific problems that need to be addressed.
  • Wilderness Survival Food:  To stay alive, you may find yourself eating (even enjoying) some wild delicacies.
  • Nature's Glue: Learn how to turn pine sap into an adhesive. Includes a demonstration video.

Survival begins with your attitude. The self-confidence gained from knowing basic survival skills will help you keep a positive attitude where fear, your greatest enemy, is minimized or kept at bay should you ever find yourself in a survival situation.

Sign:  Instructional videos.
We currently feature 17 instructional videos with more to come.
  • There is a video for each of the 14 knots that we feature.  These videos can all be accessed from our main knots page or by visiting the individual page listed in our main menu.
  • Our Navigation page includes a video demonstrating how to find the sun on a very cloudy day using your thumb nail.
  • The video on Nature's Glue demonstrates how to turn pine sap into an adhesive.
  • Our knife sharpening video demonstrates how to achieve and maintain a good working edge at home or in the field.

Sign:  Survival tips.
Rak - website avatar for wildernessfolk.com
Many of our survival tips will be displayed on billboards such as this throughout the site.  Some are serious and some just for fun, but they all work.

Outdoor Gear

Next to the appropriate education and a healthy survival attitude, the most important piece of gear a person can have in a survival situation is a good knife. Mother Nature can, and will, give you everything you need; hence, the more basic survival skills you know, the less you need to carry in your survival kit. That being said, we are all creatures of comfort (Interpretations of comfort vary) so we are offering a range of outdoor gear and equipment in our Wilderness Store.
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     And more:  (Over 30 categories to choose from)

Ways to learn basic survival skills:
  • First of all, read the information contained in this website.
  • Take a Red Cross class in basic first aid.
  • Build a fire in an outdoor grill without using matches or a lighter.
  • Using a tarp, make a serviceable survival shelter in your backyard.
  • Make a weekend camping trip to one of the many state or federal parks or visit Uncle ____’s farm and practice your basic survival skills until you are comfortable with them.

Learn and practice your survival skills in small increments, in safe comfortable surroundings. The time to learn basic survival skills is before you need them.

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"Rak" website avatar for WildernessFolk.com